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Promote consumption, stabilize foreign trade, stabilize foreign investment, do so in 2020

时间:2020-03-02 17:36:52 Author: Xiao Bian Click:

Promoting consumption, stabilizing foreign trade, and stabilizing foreign investment. What are the results in 2019? How to do it in 2020? At the media briefing of the 30 National Business Conference held on the 2019th, the heads of relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Commerce responded to hot issues in the business field.

  Promote consumption expansion and quality improvement

  The 2019 National Business Work Conference proposed that in 2020, to promote steady growth in consumption, it is necessary to increase urban consumption, promote the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets, and improve automobile consumption policies; expand rural consumption, promote e-commerce into rural areas, improve urban and rural logistics and distribution systems; promote service consumption, Promote the quality and capacity expansion of housekeeping services.

  Wang Bin, deputy director of the Department of Market Operations of the Ministry of Commerce, said that it is expected that the total retail sales of consumer goods across the country in 2019 will exceed the 40 trillion yuan mark for the first time, reaching 41.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 8% over the previous year, and the contribution rate of consumption to economic growth. More than 60% will become the first driving force of economic growth for 6 consecutive years.

  Automobile is an important area to promote consumption.Hu Jianping, deputy director of the Market Construction Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the Ministry of Commerce will focus on the entire chain of automobile circulation to promote the optimization and upgrading of automobile consumption.In terms of new cars, continue to improve the automobile consumption environment.Regarding second-hand cars, we should promptly revise the "Measures for the Administration of the Circulation of Second-hand Cars."In terms of scrapped motor vehicles, we should promptly promulgate the implementation rules for the management measures for the recycling of scrapped motor vehicles.In terms of the automotive aftermarket, actively study policies and measures to promote the development of car modification, competitions, culture, tourism, etc., to tap the potential of the automotive aftermarket.

  In the field of service consumption, Xian Guoyi, Director of the Department of Service and Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, said that in 2020, catering consumption will be promoted, and the scale and level of skilled personnel in the catering industry will be promoted; the establishment of a credit system for the housekeeping industry and the establishment of a classified physical examination system for housekeeping attendants; promote community life Service consumption, build a convenient service circle.

  Promote high-quality development of foreign trade

  Li Xingqian, Director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced that since this year, my country has introduced policies and measures to stabilize foreign trade in a timely manner to help reduce the burden on enterprises, create a good trade environment, and stabilize the overall development of foreign trade.

  "It is expected that the scale of foreign trade for the whole year will stabilize at more than 30 trillion yuan, which is likely to exceed the scale of last year and reach a new high." Li Xinggan said that from a horizontal comparison, my country's export growth rate is higher than the overall level of major economies in the world.

  At the same time, the quality of foreign trade development continued to improve.According to Li Xingqian, the main force of private enterprises has played a prominent role, the contribution of general trade has increased, the layout of the international market has become more reasonable, and the export of high-tech, high-quality, and high-value-added products has grown rapidly.

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