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Develop intelligent food packaging machinery

时间:2020-03-02 17:44:10 Author: Xiao Bian Click:

With the continuous improvement of food processing technology, there are more and more requirements for packaging parameters. The original control standards can no longer meet the development needs, which puts forward new requirements for application technology.At present, the food packaging machinery used in our country is a mechanized electronic equipment integrating light, electricity, machinery, magnetism, and gas. In the future design, we should pay attention to improving the automation level of packaging machinery and combine the research and development of food packaging machinery with The combination of computer technology realizes mechatronics control.Mechatronics mainly takes the system viewpoint as the core, and uses the entire process of control principles to realize the organic combination of machinery, electronics, information, and detection to achieve the overall optimal configuration.  

 In the food packaging machinery industry, there are many applications of sensors. In addition to basic functions, the current application of sensor technology has made new breakthroughs.

 At the same time, the market gap has also become a must for the development of automation.As food safety issues become increasingly prominent, our country pays more and more attention to food safety, so it puts forward refined requirements for food testing technology.In the past, my country's food machinery manufacturing plants ignored the application of food inspection technology. Compared with the improvement of the performance of the whole machine, food inspection technology will have more room for development.Sensing technology plays an important role in food detection technology, including collecting food temperature and location.

  It is understood that the current integrated circuit detector has been widely used in foreign food processing plants, this technology can detect the deterioration time of food.The food quality inspection configuration is mainly composed of a scanner and a sensor. As long as the inspector points the scanner at the food and emits a radio wave signal, the food will vibrate and form a music spectrum wave, which is transmitted to the sensor.

  In general, microcomputer technology will be gradually introduced into the field of food packaging machinery to improve the application level of mechatronics and develop intelligent packaging.The development direction of food packaging machinery is: in accordance with the technological requirements of food packaging, combining automatic packaging systems, strengthening the control and detection of the production process, diagnosing faults, troubleshooting, etc., in order to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency, low-consumption, and safe production.

  By comparing the parameters of the standard database, the date of food deterioration can be detected in a short time, and the detection result is very accurate.The detection technology in food packaging machinery is no longer limited to the application on the production line. As the importance of food detection in our country gradually increases, the application field of detection technology will be further expanded.

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