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Construction of the middle section of the Sino-Russian East Route Natural Gas Pipeline has been fully started

时间:2020-03-02 17:38:45 Author: Xiao Bian Click:

   On July 2019, 7, the China-Russia East Route Natural Gas Pipeline Construction Promotion Conference was held in Faku County, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.Liaohe Oil Construction, Pipeline Bureau, Daqing Oil Construction, Xinjiang Oil Construction, Sino-Russian Eastern Route Project Department, Pipeline Design Institute, and multi-party inspection companies sent representatives to attend the groundbreaking ceremony.
Liaohe Oil Construction China-Russia East Route Natural Gas Pipeline Project Interrupted Construction Promotion Meeting 2 (2)_copy
  With the Sino-Russian Eastern Route Natural Gas Pipeline project at various points located in Faku County, Liaoning Province, the fire and welding began at the same time, and the construction of the mid-section of the Sino-Russian Eastern Route Natural Gas Pipeline was fully commenced.
  The Sino-Russian East Route Natural Gas Pipeline Project is my country’s first world-class natural gas pipeline project with a 1422mm super large diameter, X80 high steel grade, and 12 MPa high pressure grade. It can transport 380 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia each year. , Which is equivalent to one-seventh of my country's annual gas consumption in 2018. The middle section of the project starts from Changling County, Jilin and ends in Yongqing County, Hebei, with a new pipeline of 1110 kilometers.The project is scheduled to be completed in October 2020.
  The construction of the middle section of the Sino-Russian East Route Natural Gas Pipeline, a major Sino-Russian energy cooperation project, has started construction today. After the completion of the pipeline, it will effectively alleviate the shortage of natural gas in the Northeast region and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.It is estimated that the replacement of coal by these gas volumes can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 16378 million tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by 182 million tons, nitrogen oxide emissions by 46 tons, and dust emissions by 84 tons each year. The air condition in Hebei has played a positive role.
  This project line adopts low-temperature -30℃ automatic welding technology, and the station adopts low-temperature -45℃ welding technology, as well as AUT, PAUT+TOFD, DR and high-power ray non-destructive testing technology.
   Kumagai Company provided 17 pipeline fully automatic welding complete sets for the middle section of the Sino-Russian East Route pipeline project, and transferred the technical backbone team of Kumagai Company to assist the construction of this project.It is hoped that all construction personnel will pay close attention to project quality, strive for national-quality projects, be brave to explore and innovate, build smart pipelines, strengthen overall coordination, and build energy channels together to ensure the completion of construction tasks on schedule, and make greater contributions to safeguarding national energy security.

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