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The development of construction machinery market

时间:2020-03-02 17:43:45 Author: Xiao Bian Click:

Recently, the reporter learned from a visit to many domestic asphalt mixing equipment companies that, while the demand for asphalt mixing equipment in my country this year has declined compared with the same period last year, the sales volume in the northwest region, mainly in Xinjiang, is positive. The mainstream asphalt mixing equipment at home and abroad Equipment manufacturers have set up new offices or dispatched additional staff in Xinjiang.Various signs indicate that the importance of asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers in the northwestern market, dominated by Xinjiang, has increased significantly, and it may become a "big cake" for most mainstream asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers in China.

   Historical experience and actual needs tell us that it will not only be companies like asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers that are targeting the northwestern markets such as Xinjiang, and a variety of construction machinery products represented by road construction, mining, earth and stone, concrete mixing and other machinery are waiting. To enter the Xinjiang market.

   In recent years, the western construction machinery market has grown significantly. In 2011, when the industry was generally sluggish, a domestic brand of excavators maintained rapid growth in Gansu and Qinghai provinces. Only in the first two months of this year, the brand’s products were sold in the two provinces. The order quantity has reached more than one hundred units. According to the brand’s agent, as the weather gradually warms up, many engineering constructions and mining operations resume, and it is expected that the market will grow significantly this year.

   The release of the "Plan" has policy guarantees, which further establishes the confidence and investment of construction machinery enterprises in the development of the western market. It is believed that the entire western region will become the focus of development of the construction machinery market in the next few years.

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