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China's machinery manufacturing industry must rely on three capabilities in the future

时间:2020-03-02 17:32:31 Author: Xiao Bian Click:

"Manufacturing is the foundation of the real economy, and the real economy is the capital of my country's development." This passage is what the general secretary said when he visited Henan. The important support for building future development strategic advantages is to strengthen independent innovation and develop high-end manufacturing and intelligence. manufacture.China's machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and has achieved remarkable results in many aspects, but overall there is still a large gap with the international advanced level, and the gap has been narrowing slowly.Analyzing from the current situation, China's machinery manufacturing industry must rely on three capabilities in the future.

Internet Machinery Manufacturing
The Internet is a genetic reengineering, transforming all of our relationships with consumers, transforming our production lines, and transforming almost all of our capabilities.
In the past decade or so, market demands at home and abroad have undergone significant changes. The technological revolution has triggered industrial transformation and is reshaping the new global economic structure.In the international arena, even countries that have completed their industrialization process still propose "re-industrialization" and advanced manufacturing development strategies on the basis of existing industrial powers. Some industrialized countries have clearly stated that they intend to respond to China's challenges.Domestically, the downward pressure on the economy and the formation of a new economic normal need to accelerate structural reforms, especially supply-side structural reforms.The manufacturing industry shoulders the heavy responsibility of reducing production capacity, adjusting structure, and stabilizing growth. The upgrading of "Made in China" quality and efficiency is a very urgent task.The integrated development of the machinery manufacturing industry and the Internet is an important path to deepen the supply-side structural reform, and is a major measure to accelerate the quality and efficiency upgrade of "Made in China".

If you only have the ability to use the Internet and only use the Internet to transform your business, you have actually completed the transformation. For the machinery manufacturing industry, the great value of making a pair of leather shoes is not because of the good marketing, but the wearing of these shoes. Very comfortable.
At present, China is moving from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power”, which actually puts forward higher requirements for the survival and development of enterprises.It has to be said that the mentality and behavior of "short, flat and fast (less investment, short cycle, quick results)" of Chinese enterprises is particularly clear.Some companies often neglect product quality for short-term benefits.
At present, the Chinese business community not only needs a large number of skilled craftsmen and skilled workers, but also needs to work hard to cultivate the spirit of craftsmen.The craftsman spirit and the integrity, responsibility, innovation and perseverance in the spirit of enterprise are all of the same root and the same origin.Craftsmanship can not only help companies produce high-quality products, but also enable companies to achieve true sustainable development.

Management ability
We want to change our management capabilities. We do not lack innovation. What we lack is the ability to transform innovation into profit. This depends on management capabilities.
Many enterprises are basically still in a state of empirical management, and generally have not applied scientific management. Only a few large and medium-sized enterprises have partially adopted computer-assisted management. However, industrialized countries attach great importance to software changes such as production models and management systems, and punctuality has appeared one after another. Production, lean production, agile production, concurrent engineering and other new management ideas and technologies.Strengthening enterprise management is the internal requirement of the socialist market economy for enterprises, and reforms must be carried out from ideology, management mechanism to operation mode.

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