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Promote the continuous development of harvesters need to be updated

时间:2020-03-02 17:42:10 Author: Xiao Bian Click:

 Looking ahead to next year, industry insiders generally believe that companies will face more intense market competition.Since most users are no longer newcomers to the machine for the first time, they have their own sensory understanding of the applicability of the machine, so they will put forward more demanding requirements when upgrading.In the face of such a situation, in addition to working hard on product innovation and quality, companies should also pay special attention to after-sales service.At present, the competition in the wheat harvest market is to some extent the competition of after-sales service. Users have higher and higher requirements for the timeliness and service level of the "three guarantees" service. Whether enterprises can meet the needs of users in this regard is to impress users, and then The key to retaining users.  

The sales statistics confirm this view. In the past few years, the hot demand for wheat machines has gone forever and has become an indisputable fact.Still taking Shandong Province, one of the main wheat producing regions, as an example, the total sales of wheat combine harvesters in this province have declined to a certain extent compared with the previous year, and similar situations have also occurred in Henan, Hebei and other provinces.Nevertheless, some people in the industry believe that the decline in sales this year does not mean that there will be no market for wheat harvesting from now on. Whether it is the saturated North China region, or the Southwest and Northwest markets that have not been highly valued in the past, there will be no market. There is still a lot of room for development.This is because in the past it was generally believed that the renewal cycle of wheat combine harvesters was 5 to 8 years, but in recent years, many operators have often started to renew them in the third year or even less in order to adapt to the needs of cross-regional operations; and The western region is limited by natural and geographical conditions, and the mountainous and hilly land lacks particularly suitable wheat harvester products for a long time.Therefore, there is still demand in the market, and it is in the dynamic development of upgrading.The saturation we see is relative, and the absolute state of market saturation in the true sense is still far away.

At present, the technology of wheat harvester is relatively mature, and one of the signs of the mature market is that with the increase of farmers' income and the improvement of agronomy, users have higher and higher requirements for the comfort, reliability and function of the machine.Therefore, manufacturers need to continuously innovate and improve, and come up with special products with core competitiveness to meet the increasing needs of users.According to statistics, the overall market sales of wheat combine harvesters this year are 4.05 units, and Foton Lovol has a market share of about 70%, with sales of more than 1 units from January to October this year alone.It is not difficult for us to see humanized features such as air-conditioning and adjustable seats on Lovol products, which confirm the above point of view.In addition, the current domestic wheat combine harvester product structure has undergone significant changes: the demand for models with a feed volume of 10 to 2 kg has shrunk sharply; the demand for models with a feed volume of 2 to 2.5 kg in the inland winter wheat area. Rapid increase; products with a feeding volume of more than 3 kg have become mainstream products in the Northeast and Xinjiang regions.Futian, Shifeng, Jinyi and other companies have launched new products with large feed volume as their selling point at various exhibitions this year. It is expected that the market demand for high-efficiency products will still increase significantly in the future.  

In recent years, with the continuous implementation of the agricultural machinery subsidy policy and the strong development of the agricultural machinery industry, the number of wheat combine harvesters in my country has increased significantly.According to statistics, as of the beginning of 2011, the social ownership of wheat combine harvesters has exceeded 60 units.During the "three summer" wheat harvest operations this year, a total of 3.29 million mu of wheat was harvested across the country, of which 2.88 million mu was harvested by machine, and the proportion of machine harvest was 87.7%.Taking Shandong Province, which has a relatively high level of mechanical harvesting, for example, the mechanical harvest rate is as high as 97%. At the peak of the operation, more than 14 wheat combine harvesters were dispatched at the same time in Shandong alone, which fully satisfied the "three summer" wheat harvest operations. Demand.It is not difficult to draw the conclusion that my country's wheat combine harvester market has become saturated.

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